Main areas of


Institutional and Governmental Relations

Institutional and Governmental Relations – a specialty of Perman Advogados Associados – are of paramount strategic importance for the various associations, companies, social and economic groups in the country.

The focus in this field of action is not limited to simple legislative monitoring. The objective is precisely to bring together and improve relations between the public and private Sectors, stimulating interaction and dialogue.

Our work is done, first, through the identification of our clients’ topics of interest that directly affect their activity. Then, we carry out the legal analysis either of legislative propositions and from the Executive Branch and its agencies. Studies and positioning are elaborated, in order to verify the possible impacts of normative acts and ways to increase or even mitigate them. Later, once the identification of the stakeholders is made, the phase of dialogue with the actors involved is conducted, in that manner, arguments, studies and analyses are taken to the authorities and other people who can influence this decision-making.

This is all done by seeking convergent paths, in order to strengthen the dialogue between sectors, with efficiency, transparency, ethics and security, always ensuring our customers’ interests.


The Firm has exemplary performance in terms of tax immunity, an important constitutional mechanism for encouraging and maintaining activities of relevant social and political aspects. The lawyer has an indispensable role in securing this important tax benefit, in order to guarantee the observance of the immunity to entities that are entitled to it, which is why we act in court to prevent charges that violate this important guarantee. In this sense, we have significant successes in ensuring the recognition of immunity and removing charges that do not comply with tax immunity, acting, in particular, in favor of non-profit entities, assisting in the granting of a Certificate of Social Assistance Charities, which ensures the withdrawal of social security contributions. In addition, we defend entities that are part of the so-called “S” system, preventing the collection of taxes and contributions and claiming the return of everything that was paid by these entities in recent years through the recognition of immunity and ample tax exemption.

Administrative and Regulatory Law

With experience in Administrative and Regulatory Law, Perman Advogados Associados operates in the advisory and litigation area. The activity includes the monitoring of administrative processes, dialogue with regulatory agencies, indirect administration entities and other public entities in all spheres (Municipal, State and Federal).

The services provided include the monitoring of administrative contracts, bids and their public notices, preparation of defenses, administrative appeals, and filing of procedures, when necessary. In the judicial sphere, the action covers the most varied rites, depending on the case – and may be writs of mandamus, expropriation actions, annulment of administrative acts, declaratory actions, among others.

The Office also carries out activities before the Courts of Auditors and other controlling bodies, through the formulation of representations, complaints, defenses and other petitions.

Corporate and Civil Litigation

Perman Advogados Advogados Associados also offers corporate advisory services, which includes monitoring from the very beginning of a company, with the preparation, evaluation and analysis of the constitutive documents, up to the definition of its strategies in the business sphere, avoiding risks and unnecessary damage – ensuring business security, efficiency and greater success

In this sense, our team of lawyers is also able to act on a transactional basis, with the aim of reducing and preventing litigation. And, drawing on their contentious experience, they assist in early negotiations and reconciliations, condensing occasional expenses.

In addition, the firm, for having extensive experience in civil litigation andin resolving disputes in the Superior Courts, not only because of its location in Brasilia, but mainly because of the technical and labor capacity of its lawyers, stands out for its presentation ofcostumized, punctual and efficient strategies for the judicial controversies that may eventually arise.

Our work includes judicial follow-up until the filing of appeals before the higher appeal courts. All our services are met and performed after contact or analysis meeting with our customers, valuing the harmony of the adopted strategy. From then on, the firm takes on the operationalization and monitoring of the procedures and their progress, keeping the client always well informed.