Areas of Expertise

äreas de atuação

Institutional and Government Relations

Institutional and Government Relations - Perman Advogados Associados' specialty - are of utmost strategic importance for the various associations, companies, social and economic groups in the country.


The firm's advisory and litigious tax performance has the mission of ensuring that the tax burden is appropriate to the legislation and to new judicial and administrative interpretations. In this sense, we are attentive to the legislative innovations and to the judicial and administrative orientations on subjects of interest to our clients.

Administrative and regulatory law

With experience in Administrative and Regulatory Law, Perman Advogados Associados acts in the consulting and litigation area.

Business and Civil Litigation

Perman Advogados Associados also offers corporate advisory services, which includes monitoring from the beginning of the company, with the preparation, evaluation and analysis of the constitutive documents, up to the definition of its strategies in the business scope, avoiding unnecessary risks and losses - ensuring security, effectiveness and greater business success.

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