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Researchers launch a book about Lobby and Public Policies in Brasília

The researchers Wagner Pralon Mancuso and Andréa Gozetto launched on the last Thursday (30.08.18) in Brasília, the book “Lobby and Public Policies”. The event was mediated by the journalist Leonardo Cavalcanti, who is the politics editor of Correio Braziliense (which is one of the most important newspapers of Brasília), and included an autograph session.

The book brings the activity of the interest groups back to the centre of the academic debate about politics and democracy, describing emotionlessly, how the defense of interests occur in the process of formulating public policies.

By idealization of the Pensar Relgov Think Tank and sponsorship of the The IRelGov (Instituto de Relações Governamentais – the Institute of Governmental Relations), The Advocacy Brasil Institute, Perman Associated Lawyers, Distrito Governmental Relations, Barral M Jorge Consultants, Sigalei e Inteligov.