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Challenges for the New National Congress

In Brasília (26.11.18), more than 60 professionals associated with the area of Institutional and Governmental Relations have attended a debate round promoted by the IRelGov (Instituto de Relações Governamentais – the Institute of Governmental Relations). The debate round was about the new formation of the Brazilian National Congress for the legislative period of 2019 to 2023 and the perspectives for the political scenario. The meeting included lectures of the General Secretary of the Federal Senate, Luiz Fernando Bandeira, and Leonardo Barbosa, the General Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies that, jointly with the mediation of the President of the IRelGov, Bruno Perman, illustrated analysis about the unexpected result of the elections and identified possible scenarios of action for the Legislative and the Executive Federal Powers for the next years.

Among the analysis discussed, the most prominent are the renovation of the elected politicians, being that 80% of the politicians elected for the National Senate and approximately 50% of the Chamber of Deputies were renewed, the interrelation between the reduction of the average age of the deputies elected and the influence of the social media on the elections, besides the increasing representation of parties such as PSL and DEM, and the reduction of the number of members elected of parties like PCdoB and PSDB.

On the Executive Power scenario, ministerial indications were discussed, as well as the agenda issues considered priorities by the future government and possible articulation arrangements with the Legislative Power.

The event took place in Coco Bambu Restaurant, located in Lago Sul, and was followed by the serving of lunch for the attending guests.